Paws Away! Mobile Dog Grooming and Clipping

Paws Away! Is a mobile dog grooming and clipping service operating in Sydney’s Inner West.

Paws Away! Is run by Catherine, and is a fully qualified and experienced dog grooming business. Paws Away! was established in 2005 and offers a dog wash and clipping service that comes to you. Catering to all dog breeds, we tailor our grooming to customer specifications or to breed standards.

Friendly, reliable, professional and punctual Paws Away! pride themselves on offering the best service for both you and your dog. One on one care ensures your dog always feels comfortable and well looked after. We only use gentle methods, offer lots of reassurance and treats and have a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners to suit your pet’s skin and coat conditions.

Paws Away! Mobile dog wash and clipping service comes to you and is available 6 days a week offering much convenience in these busy times.

    We offer:

  • Heated therapeutic hydrobath; no matter what time of year your pet can enjoy a nice warm, fresh bath and massage in our bath large enough to cater for any size dog.

  • Warm, powerful dryer; ensures your dog is dried thoroughly and swiftly to prevent hot spots.

  • Various Shampoos; whether your dog has sensitive skin, fleas or allergies we carry numerous shampoos, conditioners and medicated lotions to suit any skin requirements. We are also happy to use any prescribed shampoos supplied by our clients.

  • Disinfected and Hygienic surfaces; in between dogs we thoroughly disinfect both the bath and table to make sure nothing can be passed from one dog to the next, especially fleas. We also use a clean towel for each dog.

  • Discounts for additional dogs; Booking more than one dog? We offer a discount for multiple dogs.

  • Discounts for pensioners; a $5 discount applies to all pensioners.


Bath & Blow Dry:

Your dog will benefit all year round with our heated hydrobath. The lucky pooch will enjoy a shampoo massage and conditioner, ear cleaning, nail trimming and followed by a thorough blow dry and deodorising spray, leaving your dog smelling amazing. Prices start from $40.

Tidy up:

In between clips and during the cooler months your dog’s coat can be maintained with a “tidy up”.

Consisting of the usual bath and blow dry and including a hygiene clip, face trim and paw tidy. This is followed up by a good brush and removal of any small knots. Prices start from $45.

Clipping and grooming:

We clip all small breed dogs. We will clip to breed standards or your desired preference. We can provide summer cuts in the warmer months or leave a longer coat in the cooler months (quality of coat permitting). Fully qualified and experienced we give each dog an allover even finish due to our pre and post bath clips, along with a scissor finish to the legs and face. Prices start from $70.